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Cosmic Science - 1

Updated: Jun 17

Cosmic Science - 1

Enhance your wealth, health and social influence by leveraging the principles and techniques of Cosmic Science. In these series, we will explore how to achieve these benefits effectively.


What is Cosmic Science?

Cosmic Science is a field dedicated to exploring and understanding the supra-physical world, which exists beyond the boundaries of our current physical understanding. It operates on principles that are similar to those governing physical science, but its domain is the non-physical or meta-physical aspects of existence. Despite its focus on realms beyond the tangible, Cosmic Science is not related to spirituality, religion, or the concept of God. It is a rigorous, empirical science similar to fields like rocket science, which deal solely with material phenomena.

Testing and Validation

The principles of Cosmic Science can, in theory, be tested and validated using scientific methods. This requires specific scientific instruments designed to measure and observe supra-physical phenomena. Unfortunately, such advanced equipment does not yet exist within the scope of our current technological capabilities. 

Future Prospects

However, the trajectory of scientific advancement suggests that as our understanding and technology evolve, we will eventually reach a stage where we can develop the necessary tools. These tools will enable us to conduct experiments and obtain empirical evidence in a supra-physical laboratory setting. This progression will parallel the way physical science has historically evolved, continually pushing the boundaries of what can be observed, measured, and understood.

Frontier of Scientific Inquiry

In essence, Cosmic Science represents a frontier of scientific inquiry, poised to expand our knowledge of the universe beyond the physical dimensions we currently explore. As we develop more sophisticated technologies, the potential to unlock and understand these supra-physical aspects will grow, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries in this nascent field.

Current Scientific Exploration

Our scientific exploration in fields such as psychology, the mind, consciousness, and telepathy has already yielded remarkable results. When combined with advancements in medical science, these discoveries have enabled us to treat conditions like depression and hypertension more effectively. Despite these achievements, our progress thus far represents only a tiny fraction of the vast potential within the realm of Cosmic Science.

Integration of Psychological and Medical Science

The integration of psychological insights and medical science has paved the way for innovative treatments that address both mental and physical health. Techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and the study of brainwave patterns have revolutionized our approach to mental health care. Similarly, understanding the mind-body connection has enhanced our ability to manage stress-related conditions such as hypertension.

Expanding Horizons

However, the true scope of Cosmic Science extends far beyond these current advancements. It encompasses a broader, deeper understanding of the supra-physical aspects of existence, which we are just beginning to explore. Our current achievements, impressive as they are, only scratch the surface of what Cosmic Science aims to uncover. As we continue to delve into this field, we anticipate groundbreaking discoveries that will further transform our understanding of health, consciousness, and the universe itself.

Healing Science and Cosmic Science

The healing science as explained in my note ‘I Medicine and It Medicine - A Paradigm Shift in Healing’ touches upon Cosmic Science. It emphasizes the importance of self healing through the principles of cosmic science. Similarly the concept of Life Field as explained in my note Recharge and Boost up the Life Field also applies the principles of Cosmic Science. 

A Way Forward - Practical Applications 

In our subsequent series, we will delve into the practical applications of Cosmic Science, exploring how its principles can be utilized to enhance various aspects of our daily lives. These applications include wealth multiplication, promoting good health, building influential social networks, and cultivating a vibrant life filled with choices and possibilities.



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