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Cosmic Science - 2

Cosmic Science - 2

Towards the mission of

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Elaborating on the Practical Application of Cosmic Science

In our previous article, 'Cosmic Science - 1', we introduced the foundational principles of Cosmic Science. Now, we will delve deeper into how these principles can be practically applied in our everyday lives.

Understanding Cosmic Science

Before we proceed, it's essential to clarify that the Cosmic Science we explore here is distinct from Tantra, Occult Science, or religious practices. It represents an extension of our material science into the realm of supra-physical reality. This approach is grounded in logic, rationality, and simplicity, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone to practice.

Enjoyment in its Practice

Cosmic Science emphasizes accessibility and enjoyment in its practice. It offers practical tools and techniques that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives, regardless of background or belief system. By making these principles logical, rational, and simple to understand, Cosmic Science enables individuals to explore and benefit from the supra-physical aspects of existence in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

Integration into Everyday Life

As we embark on this journey of practical application, we invite you to embrace Cosmic Science as a tool for personal growth, well-being, and fulfillment. By integrating its principles into your everyday life, you can cultivate greater awareness, enhance relationships, achieve goals, and ultimately experience a more vibrant and fulfilling existence. Stay tuned as we explore further insights and practical tips to empower you on your Cosmic Science journey.

Importance of Practice

Before we proceed further, it's crucial to underscore the practical application of Cosmic Science principles. Merely understanding these principles theoretically isn't sufficient; the real benefits emerge when we actively apply them in practice. This isn't solely about discipline; it serves as a vital foundation for progressing along this path. Engaging in the practice of Cosmic Science is akin to engaging in 'cosmic energy engineering'. It involves deliberate manipulation, alignment, and direction of cosmic energies to achieve specific outcomes or effects. This proactive approach allows individuals to act as engineers, utilizing their understanding of cosmic principles to shape and harness these energies for desired results in their lives. 

Physical Body-Mind as Instruments

Think of our physical body and mind as instruments or tools in this process. Through consistent practice, we transform ourselves into powerful conduits or dynamos. This means that our thoughts, emotions, and intentions become finely tuned to command and channel these cosmic energies toward desired outcomes.

Cultivating a Mindset and Lifestyle 

In essence, practicing Cosmic Science involves not only understanding its principles but actively applying them in our daily lives. It's about cultivating a mindset and lifestyle that aligns with these principles, thereby unlocking their transformative potential. This practical approach allows us to tap into a deeper level of existence, where we can influence and shape our reality in meaningful and purposeful ways.

The Essence of Cosmic Engineering

In our pursuit of Cosmic Science, it's crucial to clarify that our practice does not involve the incorporation of religion, tantra, occultism, or references to God. This distinction is not a judgment on the validity or utility of these practices; instead, it reflects a deliberate choice for a streamlined approach.

Direct Engagement with Cosmic Energies

Our method is straightforward and emphasizes self-reliance. We focus on direct engagement with cosmic principles and energies without relying on external frameworks or belief systems. This approach allows us to explore and harness cosmic energies through practical techniques and insights derived from scientific inquiry rather than spiritual or esoteric traditions.

Understanding Cause and Effect Mechanism

By adopting this approach, practitioners can cultivate a clear understanding of cause and effect within the realm of Cosmic Science. This clarity enables us to manipulate and direct cosmic energies effectively, aligning them with our intentions and goals. It fosters a pragmatic and results-oriented approach to personal and spiritual growth, grounded in empirical observation and practical application. 

Disciplined and Systematic Exploration

In essence, the practice of Cosmic Inner Engineering involves a disciplined and systematic exploration of cosmic principles. It encourages practitioners to develop a deep understanding of how these principles operate beyond the physical realm, empowering them to shape their reality and achieve desired outcomes through intentional engagement with cosmic energies. This approach emphasizes personal agency and the practical application of scientific principles in the pursuit of holistic well-being and personal transformation.



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